Bonus system policy

Becoming the owner of the bonus card of LLC "Navavan" (chain stores "Reyma"), you accept all the terms of the policy of the bonus system.

Terms of use

LLC "Navavan" provides its clients with accumulative cards for one-time purchases for the amount of 30,000 AMD and more. Accumulation interest depending on the card turnover:

1.from 30,000 AMD and more - 5%

2.from 250,000 AMD and more - 10%

3.from 500,000 AMD and more - 15%


Bonus card allows you to accumulate points and use them in the "Reyma" stores chain.

A week, before and a week after the birthday of the child, the cardholder can accumulate 20% for only one arbitrary purchase.

The accumulation is made only for goods with a discount of up to 30%, no more, in accordance with the percentage of accumulation of the card, and in the case of goods with a discount above 30%, 1% is accumulated, regardless of the fixed percentage on the card at that moment.

The accumulative system does not work when buying a certain assortment, special prices and when paying with a bonus card, as well as in the absence of a card.

You can use up to 30% of the check amount, but no more than the bonus amount accumulated by the owner of this card earlier.


The policy of the bonus system of LLC "Navavan" may change from time to time, each time the use of the bonus card by the cardholder is considered familiarization with the policy of the bonus system and acceptance of the conditions.