1. Return / Exchange

1.1. The return or exchange of goods is absolutely free if the delivered goods do not correspond (Delivery) with the confirmation notice referred to in clause 1.4, and / the customer has fulfilled (Delivery) the requirement of clause 1.5 and this discrepancy was discovered upon receipt of the purchased goods before the courier leaves:

1.2. If the client is not satisfied with his/her purchase, he/she can return or exchange it for another product within 14 days in accordance with the RA Law on Consumer Rights Protection.

1.2.1. Mandatory conditions for a return or exchange are:

• The fact that the product is not being used (in disputable cases, the conclusion is given by the company's specialist).

• The type of products, consumer characteristics, seals have been preserved.

• The presence of labels on the product - no damage.

• Confirmation of payment provided to the client or other payment document.

1.2.2. Goods cannot be returned or exchanged if:

• Disposable goods

• Inflatable item

• Underwear, personal hygiene items,

• Items of a certain group of jewelry, the inspection of which may lead to a violation of hygiene standards (for example, earrings),

• Cosmetics,

• Food or food containers.

• Medicines, vitamins, nutritional supplements,

• Goods that are not subject to return or exchange in accordance with the RA Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights”.

1.2.3. The client is obliged to open and check the integrity of the ordered goods in the presence of the courier and inform the courier immediately if there is a fault or discrepancy. Otherwise, after sending the courier, the company "NAVAVAN", as well as the courier company are not responsible for further problems.

1.3. The product cannot be returned or exchanged if it does not meet any of the conditions 1.2.1, 1.2.2, 1.2.3.

1.4. The return or exchange of the delivered goods, subject to the conditions referred to in clause 1.1, at the request of the client by delivery, can be made at the expense of the client at the rates of the respective transport company.

1.5. In the event of a return or exchange of goods, the difference in payment will be charged or refunded. Refunds to the buyer are made through the payment method specified in paragraph 4 made by him earlier (Delivery).

2. Other provisions

 "EXCHANGE AND RETURN POLICY" may be edited and / or changed by the Company unilaterally. The fulfillment of the order by the buyer / buyer after editing the above policy and / or changes is considered acquaintаtion with it and agreement with its terms.