The customer, by placing an order, confirms that he/she accepts all terms of our shipping policy.

Terms of use.

Sales Company - "Navavan" LLC (hereinafter referred to as the Company)

Employee - Sales, operator or delivery company courier.

Delivery company-transport company, the customer of which is "Navavan" LLC

Customer, (buyer) - is a person who makes online purchases to purchase new products, as well as makes payments, cash or non-cash.

1. Delivery

1.1 Delivery is absolutely free in Yerevan, if the customer makes a purchase of 10 000 / ten thousand / AMD and more.

1.2 Delivery of purchase not exceeding 10 000 (ten thousand) AMD is carried out according to the tariff plan of the shipping company.

1.3 Outside the city of Yerevan, delivery is carried out according to the tariff of the shipping company.

1.4 After a customer places his/her order, he/she will receive a confirmation email that the order has been accepted. The confirmation notice contains all the information about the ordered product / order number, ordered product item, name, photo / if available /, quantity, color, price and other information /, as well as delivery address, date / hour / total amount /delivery cost / if available/.

1.5 In case of non-compliance that the customer found in the order confirmation, it is necessary to contact the operator immediately by phone or an email to report the non-compliance.

In case of non-contact with the operator in any of the above options, the order is considered accepted in full, with the form indicated in the order confirmation notice, on that basis the ticket is considered approved.

1.6 If necessary, the operator can contact the customer to verify additional information.

1.7 Delivery takes from 1 up to 5 working days. For express delivery it is necessary to indicate in the comment field. It also works on non-working days.

1.8 The customer will be notified in advance if it is not possible to deliver the item on time.

1.9 The customer can cancel his/her order before it is sent by the Company. In case of cancellation of the order, after sending by the company, the delivery fee (according to the tariff plan of the corresponding transfer company) will be charged from the customer. The difference between the purchase price and the transfer fee will be refunded to the customer account in accordance with item 4 of his/her payment method. In case of cash payment, the customer is obliged to pay the delivery amount in cash to the courier .

1.10 Shipping fee is subject to collection if the order is canceled after sending by the Company, in case of point 1.1 of this policy.

2. Responsibilities of the company

2.1 The Company is not responsible for delivery delays if the reason for the delay is not under the Company's control (transfer, delivery company, payment, customs clearance issues, etc.). The Company is not liable for any damages or lost profits caused by the delay in delivery.


3. Color

3.1 The color of the product the customer ordered may be a bit different from the color of the photo.

4. Payments

4.1 Among the payment options acceptable by the company are:

• Cash

• Bank card / ArCa, MasterCard, Visa and etc. /,

• Other (need to agree with the operator).

* We guarantee the complete confidentiality of the customer personal information. For details, visit the Privacy Policy section .

5. Other

5.1. Shipping company tariffs are subject to change. The shipping fee is calculated according to the shipping rate posted on the website at that time.

5.2 "DELIVERY AND PAYMENT POLICY" is subject to unilateral editing and / or modification by the Company. Execution of the order by the customer / buyer after the editing of the above-mentioned policy and / or change is considered to be an introduction to its acceptance of its terms.